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Washington Redskins And Dallas Cowboys File Grievance Against NFL and NFLPA, According To Reports

The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys are preparing to protest the NFL's taking away of salary cap space for both teams according to Mike Florio Pro Football Talk.

The Redskins saw $36 million in cap space taken away by the NFL for the 2012 season while the Cowboys were penalized $10 million in cap space after the two were found to be violating spending rulles during the infamous uncapped season of 2010.

The fact that the teams have included the NFLPA in their grievance is a very important matter as Florio reports:

"The fact that the Cowboys and Redskins included the union in the grievance triggered the procedure that allows the teams to avoid a situation in which Commissioner Goodell resolves the matter. Instead, a true outsider will determine whether the action complied with the terms and/or the spirit of the labor deal."

All of the NFL teams will be briefed on the matter during the team meetings in Florida this week.

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