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Redskins Salary Cap Penalty: Owners Vote 29-0 To Affirm Salary Cap Penalty, According To Report

In a tweet by CSN Washington's Rich Tandler, he has reported that the NFL Owners have voted near-unanimously to affirm the salary cap penalties levied by the NFL to the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.

The article linked in Tandler's tweet says that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers abstained from voting on the matter. It is now likely because of this result that the Redskins and Cowboys go forward with arbitration with the NFL in regards to the penalties.

The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys still contend that they did nothing wrong in the way that they structured the contracts during the year without the salary cap in 2010. Given the fact that these penalties were done unanimously against both teams, that could be an issue that comes up in arbitration.

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