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Former Redskins Quarterback Mark Rypien Lead Plaintiff In Lawsuit Against NFL

125 other players join the Super Bowl XXVI MVP in concussion lawsuit.

Lawsuits about the NFL's reaction to concussions have been starting to come out little by little, but this one matters because a former Super Bowl MVP is attached to it. Former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien is leading a group of 126 former players, including 14 other former Redskins in a class-action lawsuit against the NFL.

The lawsuit claims that the NFL was aware of the risks of repetitive traumatic brain injuries but misled players that suffered such injuries. In Rypien's case, the suit claims that Rypien "suffers from various neurological conditions and symptoms related to the multiple head traumas." This language is used for all the other former players that have attached their name to this lawsuit.

Nathan Fenno of The Washington Times contacted Gene Locks, the lead attorney on the case and received the following quote.

According to the website, a total of 51 lawsuits have been filed against the NFL. This includes five wrongful death suits.

Rypien, 49, currently lives in Spokane, Wash. where he oversees the Rypien Foundation, a charity that helps families battling childhood cancer.