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NFL Salary Cap Penalties: NFLPA May Be Hurting Their Future Negotiations With Cap Penalties

We are still awaiting the results of a grievance that the Redskins and Cowboys have filed against the NFL in regards to the salary cap penalties were both assessed, which makes the NFL Meetings in Florida a little awkward right now. As we know, the penalties were an agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, but according to Andrew Brandt at National Football Post, it could come back to harm the NFLPA.

Interestingly, the penalties to the Cowboys and Redskins were part of a joint agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA. The union’s primary concerns were to ensure (1) no reduction in Cap room league-wide, and (2) the team Cap number would exceed-- if only barely -- the number from 2011 (it did, with a $120.6 million number compared to $120.375 in 2011).

The problem for the NFLPA is that, in their zeal to prop up the 2012 Cap number, the NFLPA have borrowed from the future. Thus, the Cap "spike" that some project in 2014 when the new television contracts activate may not materialize the way the union, players and agents are hoping.

The NFLPA is expecting a big spike in the salary cap in 2014 with a new television deal, but if the spike is artificially inflated for the two years before because of the penalties being redistributed for the other teams, then the rise won't be as much of a boon as it appears.

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