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Joe Gibbs Denies Knowing If Gregg Williams Had Bounty System With Redskins

Former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is being investigated by the NFL security committee for allegedly putting out "bounties" on other teams players for his defenses. Some have traced this back to Williams' days with the Redskins. Former Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs doesn't know anything about that, according to his recent conversations with the Washington Post.

The information about the bounty system, according to the players and coach, was widely known at Redskins Park. Considering that, Gibbs said he could understand why many would believe the head coach would also know, "but I didn't," Gibbs said. "In my life ... I wouldn't ever tell a player to hurt somebody. "They may say, ‘Well, Joe would know, because everybody else knew.' But I didn't know. I'm shocked by this."

It's hard to believe the head coach wouldn't know what's going on in a situation like this. While a bounty system isn't an uncommon thing among players in locker rooms, but something to the extent of the coaching staff and front office being involved is virtually unheard of.

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