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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Still Projected To Redskins At No. 2

Despite all of the media hullabaloo around Colts president Jim Irsay claims that the Indianapolis Colts still have not made up their minds about whether to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck or Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, the consensus is still out there that it will be Luck at No. 1 and Griffin at No. 2.

According to the blog 'Behind the Steel Curtain' Griffin is more of a fit for the Redskins' system under Mike Shanahan anyway.

The Redskins gave up three 1st round picks and more to move up four spots and they are not taking anyone but Griffin or Luck here. Griffin is a dream fit for Shanahan's system because of his athleticism, accuracy, and arm strength. Griffin has the speed and athleticism of Michael Vick in his prime but the throwing ability and accuracy of Drew Brees. Even though the Redskins gave up a lot to get Griffin, if he fulfills his potential and becomes a franchise QB, it would be hard to say that it was not worth it.

Griffin certainly has that potential to be a great dual threat quarterback in the NFL. If his abilities and Mike Shanahan's system work well in tandem the Redskins shouldn't have to worry about the quarterback position for awhile.

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