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Gregg Williams Had Bounty System While Head Coach Of Buffalo Bills

Former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has found himself in a little bit of trouble with the NFL investigating the bounty system that he employed while serving as the defensive coordinator with the Redskins. The use of a bounty system so far can be traced back to when Williams was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, as former Bills safety told the Buffalo News that Williams praised him for ending the career of then Detroit Lions running back James Stewart.

Wire ended the career of Detroit Lions running back James Stewart with a clean hit in a 2003 preseason game. Wire had trouble justifying the idea of waylaying a man's livelihood against the rousing praise heaped upon him by teammates and coaches.

"Now, it's unthinkable that was my reality," Wire said. "I shattered James Stewart's shoulder, and he never played again. I was showered with praise for that. It's a shame that's how it was. Now I see how wrong that was."

The punishment for Williams and the teams that allowed him to employ the bounty system is still to be determined, but the NFL will also need to check if the team as a whole we're as involved as they were like in the case of the Saints, which had the head coach and general manager ignore the owner of the team telling them to discontinue it. Williams has had stops in Buffalo, Washington, Tennessee, Jacksonville, and now is with the St. Louis Rams.

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