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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Redskins Execute Trade-Up In Final Mock Before Free Agency

Free Agency is about to begin in the NFL and that will change the entire NFL Draft landscape moving forward. Teams will fill holes through free agency that we are currently projecting them to fill in the Draft, and as a result, will go in another direction. SB Nation just released their final 2012 NFL Mock Draft before free agency messes the whole thing up, and they have the Redskins trading up to No. 2 and landing Robert Griffin III.

So Cleveland wants to be stubborn. Valuing their 22nd pick and whatever acceptable player they can get with it over a franchise quarterback. Washington will recognize the value if Cleveland cannot, throwing its picks at the Rams and coming out better in the long run.

This is a dream situation for the Redskins, and maybe the Browns go in another direction at quarterback in free agency and the price won't even be as expensive as we all think it could be right now.

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