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Redskins Up Their Steakhouse Game For RGIII, According To Report

According to reports from a variety of sources, including our own Redskins editor Daniel Shiferaw, Robert Griffin III was treated to a fancy steak dinner at The Palm Tysons Corner by the entirety of Washington's upper management Monday night. This is a part of the visitation process that all top draft picks undergo at one point or another. But there was something interesting about the choice of dinner venue.

Come back with us to the heady days of the start of NFL free agency. The Redskins were interested in securing the serivces of Eddie Royal, so much so that they reportedly took him to a similar steak dinner.

But they didn't take him to the Palm, did they? No, no, no, they took him to Morton's! Morton's! When Royal signed with the San Diego Charges a few days later, most of us assumed that the extra year San Diego offered him had made the difference.

But what if it wasn't? What if Royal was so insulted by being taken to a chain steakhouse that he made up his mind right then and there to split for the Coast?

On such small margins, free agent signings, and by extension, championships are swung.

(Last four paragraphs meant to be taken with tongue firmly in cheek.)