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2012 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Already Preparing For Redskins To Draft Robert Griffin III

From the moment the Washington Redskins traded for the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the media and fans alike have all expected Washington to draft former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. It appears at least one of the Redskins' division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, fully expect Washington to take Griffin and in fact are making sure their defense will be ready for the new dynamic quarterback when the season begins. Here is Stephen Jones, the Cowboys' chief operating officer and director of player personnel, in a recent Dallas Morning News Q&A:

Q: How does Washington's move to acquire quarterback Robert Griffin in the draft impact the Cowboys?
Stephen Jones: "Any time you have a team getting a good quarterback, whether it be the Redskins or the Giants and the Eagles who have good quarterbacks, then you obviously want to counter that with good defensive players. We think we did that with (Brando) Carr. He's a press corner. I think he fits with what we want to do on defense, which is get in their face and press them up.

If I were a Redskins fan, I would be very happy that my hated rival is already pondering how to defend a rookie quarterback that my team has yet to actually draft. The RGIII Era, already getting in the heads of division rivals.

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