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NFL Draft 2012: Rico Wallace of Shenandoah Among Small-College Players Creating Buzz

The folks over at Mocking The Draft aren't just about the big names in their draft coverage. They've compiled a list of 10 players from small schools turning heads before the 2012 NFL Draft, and coming in at No. 6 is Rico Wallace of Shenandoah.

Here is what Damon Talbot likes about him.

He broke several Shenandoah records at wide out and has continued to impress one NFL team a lot. I spoke with several NFL scouts who said they never heard of him back in January, now they hearing about him. He had a pretty good showing at the James Madision pro day and then killed the competition at the BSN Showcase in Akron, Ohio.

Shenandoah is a Division III school, so it would be very impressive if he gets drafted. Local football fans will want to keep an eye on his status throughout the weekend.

For more on the 2012 NFL Draft, stay tuned to SB Nation DC and Mocking The Draft.