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Redskins Schedule 2012: Washington To Play New York Giants In Weeks 7 And 13, According To Report

We're still a few hours away from the full release of the 2012 NFL schedule, but a few news outlets have managed to get their hands on the list of games in advance.

One of those outlets, the Newark Star-Ledger, has managed to get a hold of the New York Giants 2012 schedule. Time and TV information isn't included, but the dates are easy enough to figure out.

According to the Star-Ledger, the Giants will host the Redskins in East Rutherford, N.J. in week 7 (Sunday, October 21), with the return game at FedEx Field happening in Week 13 (Sunday, December 2). So, that's two games down, and 14 to go.

It's worth pointing out that the Star-Ledger schedule has the Giants playing the Eagles in the season finale Sunday, December 30. Since the NFL has made a point of closing its seasons with divisional games in Week 17, it seems certain that one of the two Redskins-Cowboys games will be on that date as well.

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