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Monday Night Football Schedule 2012: Redskins Host Giants On December 3

For the fourth straight year, the Washington Redskins will face a divisional opponent on Monday Night Football. The NFL schedule has matched up the Redskins and the New York Giants on December 3 at FedEx Field.

In 2009, the Redskins hosted, and lost to, both the Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, with the former game forever remembered as the infamous "Swinging Gate Game." In 2010, the Redskins hosted and lost to the Eagles, 59-28 on Monday Night Football, and Washington fell 18-16 to the Dallas Cowboys in their only Monday Night appearance in 2011.

The full Monday Night Football schedule is below. All games will air on ESPN.

Week 1: Sept. 10, 7:00 PM, Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
Week 1: Sept. 10, 10:15 PM, San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders
Week 2: Sept. 17, 8:30 PM, Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons
Week 3: Sept. 24, 8:30 PM, Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Week 4: Oct. 1, 8:30 PM, Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
Week 5: Oct. 8, 8:30 PM, Houston Texans at New York Jets
Week 6: Oct. 15, 8:30 PM, Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers
Week 7: Oct. 22, 8:30 PM, Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears
Week 8: Oct. 29, 8:30 PM, San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
Week 9: Nov. 5, 8:30 PM, Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints
Week 10: Nov. 12, 8:30 PM, Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 11: Nov. 19, 8:30 PM, Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers
Week 12: Nov. 26, 8:30 PM, Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles
Week 13: Dec. 3, 8:30 PM, New York Giants at Washington Redskins
Week 14: Dec. 10, 8:30 PM, Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Week 15: Dec. 17, 8:30 PM, New York Jets at Tennessee Titans
Week 16: Dec. 22, 8:30 PM, Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions

For the latest on the Redskins, visit Hogs Haven. For the latest news from around the NFL, check out SB Nation's NFL Hub.

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