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NFL Salary Cap Penalty: Redskins Will Receive Hearing May 10

The Washington Redskins are set to receive a hearing from the NFL regarding the cap penalties they received right before the start of Free Agency. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the hearing will come in May and will be presided over by Special Master Stephen Burbank, as stipulated in the new CBA (and yes, that is his real title).

In case you forgot just how frustrating these charges were against the Redskins, here is a little refresher on the nature of the charges brought against them and the Dallas Cowboys.

The league contends that the Cowboys and Redskins violated the "spirit" of the salary cap during the uncapped year of 2010, even though the NFL approved all contracts submitted by the teams containing payments in 2010. The circumstances suggest that the NFL tried to impose restrictions on spending that didn’t exist in the labor deal, which would constitute collusion in the uncapped year.

It will be interesting to see how the NFL proceeds with these penalties if they are indeed ruled unfair, and how that would affect the rest of the league, which benefited from the penalties being assessed to the Redskins.

UPDATE: The NFL has confirmed that the appeal will be heard on May 10.

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