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Jabar Gaffney Speaks About Potential Trade And Twitter Controversy

John Keim of the Washington Examiner tracked down Jabar Gaffney shortly after Chris Russell of ESPN980 reported that the Redskins had told the receiver not to report for this week's voluntary workouts because the club was trying to trade him.

Gaffney, who is currently at his home in Florida, said that the call from the Redskins telling him to stay home came out of nowhere.

I wanted nothing more than to play for the Redskins. I'm still looking forward to a great season with the Redskins, but I was told I don't have to be up there now. I was told I'm being shopped around. That's the only reason why I'm not at the voluntary workouts. I'm hoping it all blows over.

And then Keim asked about the Twitter controversy, which happened a little less than a week ago. Gaffney, who maintains that his account was hacked when the tweets in question were sent, had this to say.

I mean, it went from me still being a big part of the plans to I can look for a better situation," Gaffney said. "That happened right after the Twitter. I'm not saying it did, maybe it was a coincidence. But it seems real funny. I tried to explain it wasn't me on Twitter and it really wasn't. It's out of my hands.

Considering the Redskins spent most of free agency pursuing wide receivers, there was always a chance that Gaffney would be the odd man out at the end of training camp. However, this abrupt move by the Redskins seems to make clear that Mike Shanahan, Bruce Allen, and/or Dan Snyder got a look at Gaffney's Twitter account and decided to make a move.

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