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Robert Griffin III Unleashes 'Pulling The String And Rolling' On An Unsuspecting Public

For the seven of you who don't feel like watching the NCAA Basketball Championship tonight, ESPN's counter-programming offer is "Gruden QB Camp," with special guest star Robert Griffin III. You might remember him from such hits as "The Soundtrack Of Our Pro Day" and "That'll be $100 A Photo, Please."

We wouldn't be watching this even if there wasn't a big basketball game on tonight, because we find Gruden's interviewing style to be a bit ... hard to watch. But there is a section of the interview posted at Hogs Haven that showcases some of the many fun celebrations that will be attempted by over-served Redskins fans this season. The good stuff starts at around 2:50.

For more videos, check out the SB Nation YouTube channel.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube