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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Greg Cosell Prefers Robert Griffin III Over Andrew Luck

Everyone knows that the Washington Redskins will select Baylor quarterback with the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. That much has been assured since Washington swapped a bevy of picks with the St. Louis Rams for the second-overall pick in the draft. They might be getting the better of the two quarterbacks, the other being Stanford's Andrew Luck, according to NFL Films expert Greg Cosell.

Cosell released a 2012 NFL Mock Draft on Monday afternoon. Rather than arguing about predictions, Cosell mocked based on his own personal opinions of players and teams. In his mock, RG3 was the first overall pick, and Luck was second, the Redskins.

Set aside the bizarro world stuff for a bit, and read what Cosell had to say about RG3:

1. Indianapolis (I know they are taking Andrew Luck but that's not important for this exercise): My highest rated quarterback is Robert Griffin III. Projecting college quarterbacks to the NFL demands an understanding of the attributes needed to play on Sunday. I presented those earlier this week. My conclusion: Griffin is a superior arm talent and better natural passer than Luck. This debate will rage for a long time, but that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

High praise from a guy that knows his stuff on player evaluations. Washington traded away a ton of picks, but the results should be worth it.

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