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Robert Griffin III: 'I’ve Still Got To Go Beat Out Rex Grossman'

In the midst of a bust day of NFL Draft preparations and sandwich-making, presumptive Redskins quarterback of the future Robert Griffin III was made available to members of the local media Tuesday afternoon.

Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan provided the full transcript of said media availability, and here's how he responded to the following question: How will he prove to NFL veterans that he is level-headed in the wake of last week's anonymous unpleasantness?

I have to go in and prove it to them. You can't come in thinking that you're a big-dog. I might be the second pick, I might be who the fans want as a quarterback and the coaches want as a quarterback but I've still got to go beat out Rex Grossman... Rex Grossman is the quarterback in Washington right now and I've got to go beat him out. I've got to prove to those guys that I'm there to work and I will, it's who I am. I'll be the first one in, last one out and it won't be a cliché with me."

Somehow, we think that "Beating out Rex Grossman for the starting job" is very low on the list of NFL challenges for Mr. Griffin.

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