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Robert Griffin III: 'As Of Thursday, Me And Andrew [Luck] Are Two Of The Worst Quarterbacks In The NFL'

Now that all the suspense has been taken out of the 2012 NFL Draft, most of the intrepid local reporters who are up in New York City for the three-day extravaganza have been reduced to following Robert Griffin III around like ducklings following their mother.

Their movements haven't been in vain, however, as Baylor's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback has produced some noteworthy musings, the latest coming to us via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times.

I'm afraid that we will only be accepting John Beck jokes in response to this post. We would have accepted Rex Grossman jokes, but if you recall the news from yesterday, Griffin already thinks that Grossman is the No. 1quarterback in Washington whom he has to overcome. Remarkable, isn't it?