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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III All But Official For Redskins

When the Redskins traded up to the No. 2 spot in the 2012 NFL Draft, they were assured of landing one of the top quarterbacks in this class, either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. When the Colts told Andrew Luck that he would be their pick at No. 1, RGIII became the obvious choice. The Redskins have apparently told him as much, and we are just waiting for the coronation on Thursday evening. It's great for Redskins fans, but it could make the first half hour or so of the Draft pretty boring for everyone else. It also made the final 2012 NFL Mock Draft fairly predictable.

The only question here is what kind of socks RG3 will wear on stage.

I'd like to see some burgundy and gold socks, maybe with a logo trim. But then again, Roger Goodell would probably fine him right then and there.

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