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2012 NFL Draft: Robert Griffin III Says Redskins Would Have Picked Him First Overall

As part of the NFL's ongoing quest to make the Draft look more like the Oscars with each passing year, the prospects went through a gauntlet of backstage interviewers, including Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

With one of his questions, Florio asked Griffin whether the Redskins had told him that the organization would pick him first overall, had they held that hypothetical pick. Here was Griffin's response.

That's kind of the feeling that it was. They told me at 2, if I was there, they were gonna take me. They told me that if Indianapolis had traded with them, and kept Peyton Manning, they would have drafted me as the Number One overall pick. It's not a shot at anyone, it's just that they were the team that wanted me, they showed it in late February, so I'm glad to be a part of the team.

It's a fascinating response when you consider that Griffin only really caught the attention of pro scouts with his fantastic 2011, while Andrew Luck would have been the first overall pick in the 2011 Draft, if he had decided to declare.

One for the alternative historians, anyway.

You can find Mike Florio's full interview with Robert Griffin III here.