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2012 NFL Draft Grades: ESPN's Mel Kiper Gives Redskins Grade Of "C+"

The 2012 NFL Draft officially wrapped on Saturday, with teams using three days and seven rounds to bolster their squads for the upcoming season. The Washington Redskins added nine players in the draft, most notably of course Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 pick.

Now comes the time for instant (over)analysis by pundits. First up to bat, ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper, who gave the Redskins an overall grade of "C+" for this year's draft.

Summary: If you feel like the grade is a tough one, remember I have to factor in the extraordinary value given up to acquire Robert Griffin III. I've looked, and it's as much as we've ever seen dealt for a top-5 pick. I think RG3 will be a very good player, and I think he can be pretty good right out of the gate, but he's this draft for Washington, and he came at the cost of (likely) three future starters. The pick of another quarterback, Kirk Cousins, obviously created some curiosity. I can see a plan: Washington develops an asset it can deal in a year to regain some draft picks. Is Cousins worth a second-round pick in a year? He could be. It was smart to get a couple of guards, because the offensive line is a weakness outside of Trent Williams. The Redskins got their guy in RG3, they just gave up an extraordinary amount to do so. Only fair to factor that in.

Let's be honest: if Robert Griffin III becomes the franchise quarterback the Redskins so desperately need and desire, this draft will be graded A++ in years to come.

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