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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Redskins Earn "A-" Grade From SB Nation

With the 2012 NFL Draft now in the rear-view mirror, it is time to for the annual exercise assessing how each team did in this year's draft, using "grades". We've already taken a look at how Mel Kiper of ESPN and Pete Prisco of CBS Sports graded the Redskins nine player haul, now let's see what the good folks over at SB Nation have to say about Washington's player choices:

Washington Redskins: A-

Robert Griffin III. That's it. Washington's next three drafts will be judged by the success of RG3. They should be fine.

The front office made a good decision to use three of their later picks on offensive linemen. If just one pans out, that helps the young quarterback.

Still can't give this one a perfect grade because of the Kirk Cousins pick. Nothing against Cousins, but why take a second rookie quarterback with a fourth-round pick?

The RGIII Era has officially begun in Washington, D.C. If he becomes the franchise quarterback the Redskins so desperately desire, this draft will go down as one of, if not the, most important drafts in team history.

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