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Mike Shanahan Prefers To Take 'High Road' With Donovan McNabb Comments

About a week ago Donovan McNabb made some comments about Robert Griffin III's fit in Washington, claiming that he wouldn't succeed because there would be too many egos in Washington Interfering with him; namely the coaching Shanahans. This raised a lot of eyebrows in the D.C. area because we all could have sworn that it was McNabb's diminishing skills, not his conflict with the coaching staff, that led to his lack of success. In his first comments on the subject, Mike Shanahan seems to agree.

In this article from Pro Football Talk, Mike Shanahan doesn't choose to comment specifically, but instructs you to watch the film to find out what he thinks about McNabb's comments.

"I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road," Shanahan said.

Because if you were to watch the film, you would see all of the throws that McNabb threw a second too late, or that hit his receivers in the feet after a bounce or two. It wasn't Mike Shanahan's offensive scheme that failed to put those balls on target.

Mike Shanahan doesn't have to explain that to Donovan McNabb or anyone else, we all saw it first hand two years ago. As a result, McNabb may not be the best source on how to succeed in Washington under Shanahan, or at least that's what it sounds like Mike Shanahan is saying here to me.