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NFL Schedule To Be Released April 17, According To Report

The schedule should be released April 17 according to reports. Who are the teams that the Redskins will be playing this season?

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Rich Tandler of Real Redskins found a listing on the TV Guide website to speculate that the 2012 NFL schedule will be released Tuesday, April 17. Tandler was looking on ESPN's listings where the program "Sportscenter Special: NFL Schedule Release" will be airing on that date at 7 p.m.

The NFL announced the 2011 schedule two days before the Draft last year, which may have been because of the NFL lockout. The NFL may be looking to spread out the buzz between the schedule being released and the NFL Draft this season now that there is labor peace.

Aside from six home and away games against NFC East opponents the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Redskins will play the NFC South and the AFC North teams this season, along with the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams, which both finished last in their division.

Non-Division Opponents List:

Home: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals

Away: New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers.