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Former Redskins Receiver Art Monk Sues NFL Over Concussions

Hall of famer and former Washington Redskins wide receiver Art Monk is the latest player to sue the NFL over their mistreatment of concussions.

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Hall of fame wide receiver and former Washington Redskin Art Monk has become the latest player to sue the NFL as well as helmet manufacturer Riddell over the long-term effects of concussions after his playing career according to an article published by Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times.

Filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Monk is the lead plaintiff in the 82-page lawsuit that alleges the NFL failed to protect players "against the long-term brain injury risks associated with football-related concussions."

Monk is not the only former Redskin player to sue the league over their treatment of concussions in the past. Super Bowl 26 MVP Mark Rypien filed suit against the league back in March for the same reasons. In addition to them, 140 former Redskins including Monk and Rypien have taken part in lawsuits.

The NFL has had to deal with many of these lawsuits since the first one was filed back in June of 2011. According to, over 2,000 former NFL players have taken part in lawsuits against the league for failing to warn players about the long-term effects of concussions.