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PHOTOS: Redskins Unveil Throwback Jerseys For 80th Anniversary Season

This is the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Washington Redskins franchise. Of course, they spent their first five years in Boston, so technically this is the 75th anniversary of the franchise being in Washington, but who are we to split hairs?

The team unveiled their 80th anniversary throwback uniforms Thursday at a gala event out at the new practice bubble in Ashburn. The photos are after the jump, so let's take a look.

Via the Twitter account of Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, here's the front view.


And here's the back view.


We like the look, if only because the uniform colors are actually burgundy and gold. Both Mike Jones of the Washington Post and John Keim of the Washington Examiner compared it to Florida State's garnet and gold look, which we can also see.

What do you guys think?

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