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In Utterly Unsurprising News, Redskins Won't Do 'Hard Knocks'

The prospect of the Redskins hosting HBO's "Hard Knocks" reality series has come up seemingly every year since Mike Shanahan has been the head man in D.C. It's never quite clear to us where the speculation comes from, considering that Shanahan has never once shown any interest in having the HBO cameras come to Ashburn.

Here's what he said in 2010, when he was asked about it: "You gotta be yourself."

And here's what he said in 2012, when Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio asked him about it.

You know, I can't be myself. I don't think coaches can be their self and I'd like players to concentrate on their job. I don't know if it's old school or what.

So, there you have it. Mind you, if there was a year for Hard Knocks to come to Ashburn, it would have been in 2010, also known as The Summer of Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb, and the Great Conditioning Test.