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VIDEO: Robert Griffin III Cracks On Hugh Laurie's Tie On 'The Tonight Show'

The video that you're about to see was the best moment of Robert Griffin III's appearance on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night.

That's not a knock on Griffin, before you start sending us unpleasant messages. He was just as charming as he's been in every media appearance he's made since he entered the collective consciousness of football fans everywhere. He opened his appearance by giving a shout-out to the troops. He challenged President Obama to a basketball game.

The problem was not Robert Griffin III. The problem was that it was "The Tonight Show." The problem, not to put too fine a point on it, was Jay Leno.

Luckily, Griffin was joined on set by Hugh Laurie, known to many as the star of "House," but better known to us as the Prince Regent and Bertie Wooster. For all that, poor Hugh appeared to have gotten dressed in the dark Thursday morning. So when the time came for Robert Griffin III to hand out socks to everyone, he couldn't resist a joke.

Video via NBC. Now run along, and be glad you didn't have to see the rest of it.