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Robert Griffin III On 'Big Mike' And Kirk Cousins

In case you're wondering how it came to pass that Robert Griffin III was in Los Angeles and thus was able to appear on "The Tonight Show, " we can provide the answer. The Redskins quarterback was out in Tinseltown for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, of which SB Nation is a media sponsor.

Among other things, this means that we get first crack at interviewing Griffin. The full interview will be up on SB Nation's YouTube channel later today.

Head down below the jump for some of the best bits. Interview carried out by Joel Thorman.

RGIII on The Shanahans: "Big Mike is what I like to call him, he'll talk to you after practice. Kyle is more hands on, and an energetic guy. They plan on using me in a few ways, running the ball and throwing the ball. The bottom line is to win."

On Kirk Cousins: "The coach told me he was going to take a QB when I flew in after day one of the draft. They just wanted to have two QBs to build together and complete that. With Kirk, it's fine. They brought me in for a reason. We all know I'm going to be the starter and I plan to be the starter, and they brought him in for a reason as well. It's not a competition, let's just go ahead and do that. We're cool, we've spoken. There's no conflict there."

Like we said, more later on SB Nation's YouTube channel.

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