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VIDEO: Robert Griffin III And David Wilson Take Our Jobs

Over the weekend, Amy K. Nelson and Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation Studios jetted out to Los Angeles for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, essentially a chance to get a first formal look at the newest NFL players in their team's uniforms, as well as watch them interact with each other.

Since it was a beautiful spring Saturday in Los Angeles, the last thing Amy and Dan felt like doing was working, apparently. So, they turned the camera and the microphone over to the rookies themselves, and turned them loose on each other.

What's cool about this video, apart from the usual clowning around with microphones? Well, for Redskins fans, there's an absolutely gorgeous shot of Robert Griffin III rolling out of the pocket at the 20-second mark. Also, for Virginia Tech fans, there's an appearance by former Hokie, and current New York Giant, David Wilson. Plus, of course, clowning around with microphones.


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