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VIDEO: Robert Griffin III Interviews Fellow Rookies, Cracks On Alshon Jeffery

Our series of videos of NFL rookies taken last weekend at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Las Vegas continues with this delightful little number.

Earlier this week, we gave you a little taste of the rookies interacting with one another by handing them the microphones and letting them riff. In our newest video, which shows up after the jump, Robert Griffin III interviews two of the NFC North's hot rookie prospects, wide receivers Alshon Jeffrey, formerly of South Carolina, and Jarius Wright, formerly of Arkansas.

What do we like most about this video, apart from RGIII? Well, there's RGIII showing off his burgundy-and-gold Adidas shoes (three-stripe supremacy, brother). There's RGIII cracking on Jeffrey's prior, um, conditioning issues. There's even a glimmer of a burgeoning SEC/NFC North "frenemies" situation between Jeffrey and Wright.

But what we love the most is just how darn good RGIII can be with the microphone. Hey, Robert, if you ever feel like picking up some extra offseason scratch, we know a TV station that could use a hand.

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