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Redskins Named As Defendants In NFLPA Collusion Lawsuit

Shortly after the Redskins had their appeal of the salary-cap penalties levied against them by the NFL denied, the NFLPA filed a collusion complaint against the NFL. In essence, "collusion" is also what the Redskins accused the NFL of in their appeal of the salary-cap penalties. Yet, Washington now finds itself named as a defendant in the suit filed by the NFLPA.

Rich Campbell of the Washington Times writes:

How's this for irony? The Redskins accused the NFL of collusion in their grievance challenging their $36 million salary cap penalty. But a day after that grievance was dismissed, the Redskins found themselves grouped among the defendants in a collusion lawsuit filed by the NFL Players Association against the league.

If you were unsure whether the NFLPA filed the suit to help the Redskins remedy their cap penalty, this should quash any doubt. The NFLPA is out to claim $3 billion in damages for players league-wide. Helping the Redskins restore their salary cap space is not the intent of the suit. The case of the Redskins' salary cap penalty simply served to elicit what the union believes is evidence of collusion.

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