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Vegas Sets Over/Under On Redskins Wins At 6.5

Via Rich Tandler at the Real Redskins blog, it seems that the men (and probably some women) who know such things in Las Vegas are trying their hardest to put the kibosh on any playoff dreams Redskins fans might be having.

[The] number for the Redskins is 6.5 wins, a little better than last year's 5 but a far cry from the .500 record or possible playoff contention that Redskins fans are hoping for.

And the opinion of the bookies is even worse than that. They expect a lot of action on the under so if you're going to bet that side you will have to risk $130 to win $100. The casinos will give you even money on an over bet.

Feeling disrespected enough yet? No? Then have a look at this. As it happens, the Redskins are favored in just four of their sixteen games this season: Week 3 vs. Cincinnati, Week 6 against Minnesota, Week 9 vs. Carolina, and Week 15 against Cleveland. Also, the game in Week 2 against St. Louis is a pick-'em, if you're looking for an extra frisson of excitement.

The number sounds about right to us. The Redskins will certainly be more fun to watch with RGIII under center, but that doesn't always translate into wins. But we'll see what happens when they kick it off September 9.