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Redskins OTAs: Could Washington Go From Worst To First In The NFC East?

The Washington Redskins have not finished out of last place in the NFC East since making the playoffs in 2007. Now with a new quarterback in Robert Griffin III, SB Nation's Joel Thorman acknowledges the Redskins as one of eight teams that could make the jump from last place to first place in 2012. Thorman says that even though the division produced the Super Bowl Champion, it's a lot closer than the records would have you believe.

Finishing 5-11 last year and playing in a division with the defending Super Bowl champs, the Redskins are an odd choice here, but the offseason additions put them in a place where it's not so crazy to think about potentially winning the NFC East. The Giants, Cowboys and Eagles all finished within a game of each other -- the Giants won the division and the Super Bowl -- but it's the Redskins who made perhaps the biggest jump in the offseason.

Griffin continues to be the X-factor for this team, but other additions to the Redskins should not be ignored. Things have to go just right for the Redskins to win their first division title since 1999.

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