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VIDEO: Don't Get Into A Golf Cart With Mike Shanahan

There's been something ... different about the coach of your Washington Redskins over the last couple of months. We first got to know Mike Shanahan as the grim lead actor in the "Days Of Donovan McNabb" soap opera. He ran the risk of being typecast after wearing the same expression for most of last year's flop, "The Ballad of Rex and Beck."

But ever since the Redskins did a deal with the Rams and ensured themselves of drafting Robert Griffin III, a change has come over the coach. He's looked tanned (well, duh), rested, and ready. His press conferences have been full of forthrightness and self-deprecation.

However, we worry that this exuberance might be a bit too much for Shanahan if this clip from Monday's Leukemia Golf Classic is any guide. Either that, or he really just couldn't wait to tee off.

Video via CSN Washington.

Frankly, it reminds us an awful lot of this.