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PHOTO: The Onion Breaks Down Robert Griffin III's Strengths And Weaknesses

We like The Onion, and we like Robert Griffin III, so when these two great tastes come together, it's worth a blog.

Before we take you to the chart after the jump, we want to point out this "news brief," which contains this funny-once-you-realize-he-never-actually-said-it Rex Grossman quote.

I want to take him under my wing after lunch someday soon and teach him the finer points of standing tall in the pocket out of sheer inability to make up your mind where to throw the ball ... And of course, most young QBs come into the league unaware of the right technique for just hurling the ball as far downfield as you can just to make it look like you're being heroic when you're actually really confused.

Splendid stuff. And that leads us to the chart below.


Similarly splendid. The Chris Weinke callback makes us laugh and cringe all at the same time. And really, that's the essence of great comedy.

via Hogs Haven.