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Redskins Salary Cap Case: Hearing Set To Begin On Thursday

The Washington Redskins are bringing their gripe with the NFL to their appeal office, and the case is scheduled for Thursday. But as Mark Maske of the Redskins Insider points out, Thursday is expected to be mostly procedural, and about whether or not the Redskins even have a case to argue.

Attorneys are scheduled to argue the case before Burbank without testimony from any witnesses on Thursday, according to several people familiar with the case. One of those people said Thursday’s hearing is likely to focus primarily on jurisdictional issues, specifically whether the Redskins and Cowboys have the right to bring such a case before Burbank given that the league and the NFL Players Association agreed to the salary cap reductions given to the teams.

So it doesn't seem like a decision will be made on Thursday, and the litigation is actually just getting underway. The Redskins feel as though they have a pretty good case, but the NFL seems confident that they will be victorious in their effort to thwart the Redskins and the Cowboys as well.

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