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Robert Griffin III Trademarks 'RGIII,' 'RG3,' And 'Robert Griffin III'

Via Hogs Haven, and ChangeLegal, this is 21st century intellectual property protection in action.

Following his declaration for the NFL Draft, Griffin hired an attorney. Thereafter, he created his own company, Thr3escompany, LLC and submitted applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a total of four trademarks - RGIII, RG3, Robert Griffin III, and Unbelievably Believable.

The filing explicitly covers "Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, shorts, footwear, hats, caps, athletic uniforms," so don't worry, Redskins fans, your rap songs are safe.

We'd forgotten about Griffin's use of the phrase "unbelievably believable," which as far as trademarked slogans go, isn't exactly "Where's The Beef?" But, hey, it's his intellectual property, not ours.

We also couldn't help but notice an obvious loophole: the fact that the trademark applications don't cover, potential shirts with the slogan, "R.G. III," or even "RGThree." So get cracking, bootleggers! Hopefully your rip-off attempts work better than this guy's.