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Mike Shanahan Has A 'Wine Residence' In His Denver Home

Late last week, news broke that Peyton Manning had moved temporarily into Redskins coach Mike Shanahan's residence in the tony Denver suburb of Cherry Hills Village (home of the equally tony Cherry Hills Country Club, scene of the one of the most famous U.S. Opens ever).

Chris Chase of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner has the lowdown on Shanny's digs, and my word, did the Redskins coach go all-in here.

The house includes a bowling alley, a conservatory, a kids' arcade, a 'wine residence,' two bridges, a guest house that's almost certainly bigger than your regular house, a swimming pool (ditto), a poker room, a racquetball court, a video golf screen and a shuffleboard table.

Perhaps it's because we are a simple folk here at SB Nation DC, but given the obsessive life that most football coaches lead, it's hard to imagine Shanahan making enough use of, say, the bowling alley to make it worthwhile (we also can't say Shanahan has ever really struck us as the bowling type, anyway).

Since we're here, it's also worth asking what, pray tell, is a "wine residence"? If it's just another term for wine cellar, then that's one of the most annoying phrases we've read in a while.

Hat tip to Hogs Haven.