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Now Colt Brennan Is Getting Cut By CFL Teams

Hey, guys, remember Colt Brennan? Of course you do. The all-time NCAA single-season record holder for touchdown passes (58), Brennan was drafted by the Redskins with the 186th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, 19 picks ahead of Washington's biggest signing of this past year's free agency period, wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

During his time in Washington, Brennan was, like all backup quarterbacks, the most popular person in town. Despite his popularity, Brennan never actually played a single competitive down for the Redskins, eventually being released in favor of John Beck in 2010.

Read that last sentence again.

Which brings us to this article on

Author Greg Rosenstein caught up with Brennan just as he was being cut from the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That would be Saskatchewan in Canada. As in the CFL.

At that moment, however, the former record-setting Hawaii quarterback was just happy to be playing the game he loves. The Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League offered him an opportunity in training camp to compete for a backup spot, and he'd done all he could to make the team.

Minutes later, that optimism disappeared. A small piece of paper hung from his locker -- "Go check out Brendan," it read, referring to Brendan Taman, the team's general manager. Brennan's heart dropped.

That's right, the Redskins passed on Garcon to draft a guy who has admittedly had some problems to sort through, including a car accident that left him in a coma for a few days in November of 2010. But still. Thanks, Vinny.