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VIDEO: Robert Griffin III's Sweet New Adidas Commercial

Before we go any further, allow us to echo our media bretheren's responses to those concerned about Robert Griffin III not having signed a contract prior to rookies reporting to training camp. There is nothing to be concerned about. Training camp itself doesn't start for more than a week. Besides, neither the number one overall pick (Andrew Luck) nor the number three overall pick (Trent Richardson) have signed with their respective teams (Colts and Browns). Everyone just calm down.

Now, who wants to see another RGIII Adidas commerical? We do!

Late last week, the Bog had some stills from this commercial, which showed RGIII dressed as a cop, a bus driver, and a member of a stadium color guard. We were, we must admit, slightly confused by this, until we saw the whole thing and realized that the commercial wasn't shot from Griffin's point of view. We admit that it's a novel idea, at least as these things go.

Here's the whole thing.

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