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Redskins Fans, Please Let Robert Griffin III Eat His Dinner In Peace

Last week, Ian Rapoport of caught up with Robert Griffin III and his fiancee, Rebecca Liddicoat. Liddicoat sounds like a lovely, down-to-earth lady who is handling her fiance's newfound fame very well. However, we couldn't help but wince a little at the fact that the soon-to-be Griffins are occasionally prevented from going out to eat by the prospect of dealing with gawking fans.

"It's good," she continued. "I'm glad they're excited about the fact that he's here, and it's only natural because they're ready for something like that, they're ready for a chance. It's nothing to be mad about. Sometimes you're like, ‘Oh, we'd like to eat dinner,' but it's good. It's all for the best."

Again, that's a very diplomatic answer, but ... really, people? In the age where everyone actually is famous for at least 15 minutes, we're still not mature enough to let the star quarterback and his fiancee eat their dinner in peace? Isn't this why everyone signed up for that Do Not Call list back when people still used landline phones, so they wouldn't have their dinner interrupted?

Come on, Redskins fans, let's try and be cool about this.