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Redskins Beat Reporters Scrimmage At Redskins Park

Last weekend, the Redskins invited members of the media out to Redskins Park for what might be considered an intramural scrimmage. The game came together this past Saturday and wound up pitting, somewhat counter-intuitively, TV personalities against print and radio people. (No word on of there was any online presence. If there was one, we assume it was as head coach/strategic mastermind).

Fourtunately for all humanity, FOX 5 was there to capture some of the action, understandably focusing on anchors Lindsay Murphy and Dave Ross. We're not sure we'll ever forget 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen defending passes like Deion Sanders in his prime, or the Washington Times' Rich Campbell rolling out like some kind of mutant Doug Flutie.

Regrettably, the footage of ESPN980's Chris Russell absolutely trucking WUSA-TV's Kristen Berset appears to not have made the final cut.

Of course, the print guys were lacking several crucial pieces. John Keim of the Examiner and Mike Jones of the Post couldn't make it, while the AP's Joseph White was en route to London to cover the Olympics. But even with their absence, Print/Radio made it a close-run thing, only losing 20-18.

For next year, we volunteer our services as head coach/strategic mastermind. (Or kicker. Whichever works.)