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PHOTO: Dan Snyder Hangs With Magic Johnson And Jerry Jones

Sometimes, it's good to be a pro sports owner. No, check that. It's always good to be a pro sports owner. If you needed any more proof (and we're sure that you do), check out what Magic Johnson tweeted earlier Wednesday.

And if you go below the jump to the actual photo, here's what you'll find.


Mind the splinters there, boys. And oh, dear, Mr. Snyder, we might have to get you off the boat. Can't have you being with your competition.

Oh, and if you want to know where, exactly, this gathering of the gods took place, a quick scan of Magic's Twitter account suggests that the three were in, or at least off the coast of, Cannes, France. Like we said, it's good to be a professional sports team owner. Not just sometimes. All the time.