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Sonny Jurgensen And Sam Huff Will Return To Redskins Radio Booth In 2012-13; Sam Huff Will Work Reduced Schedule

And so, the annual period of speculation has ended. According to ESPN980's Facebook page, Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff will once again share the radio booth with Larry Michael for all Redskins games in 2012-13.

Here's the statement, in part.

RED ZEBRA BROADCASTING announces today that they have re-signed Hall of Famers Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen for the 2012-13 football season on the Washington Redskins radio network. Sonny and Sam have been broadcasting Washington Redskins games together since 1981.

The statement goes on to say that Larry Michael will still be working play-by-play and former Redskin Rick "Doc" Walker will be on the sidelines, so in essence, the whole gang's back together.

Far be it from us to call for the forced retirement of a septuagenarian (Huff will turn 78 this coming October 4), but we will say this: We would love to hear what the broadcast would be like if Michael and Jurgensen could focus all of their energies on calling the game, as opposed to some of their energy on calling the game and the rest on trying to wrangle Huff when he inevitably goes off the rails.

Failing that, and if the team really wants a three-man booth, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to get a younger former player in there. Maybe something for Chris Cooley to think about whenever the end comes for him?

Just our two cents.

UPDATE: Well, this is what we get for not reading statements all the way through.

Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgensen will broadcast all 20 games. Due to the rigors of travel, Sam Huff has decided to broadcast 12 games. All 10 home games at Fed Ex Field and two road games, October 21st, 2012 against the New York Giants and November 22nd, 2012 against the Dallas Cowboys. Sam Huff has been a member of the Washington Redskins radio network since 1975.