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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Redskins' Fred Davis Among Top 10 Tight Ends

Fred Davis should be among the Top 10 tight ends in fantasy football, according to projections.

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Fantasy football is in high gear, and so too is the debate over the clockwork avalanche of lists, rankings and projections used to parse out the season's best prospects.

The Washington Redskins haven't had too many coveted fantasy players in recent seasons, thanks to an offense that has struggled at times. Fred Davis has consistently found himself among the best starting tight ends, however, with 2012 being no exception. He ranked No. 9 on this list of the Top 20 tight ends for 2012 put together by SB Nation's Ray Guilfoyle.

Davis proved he was a solid fantasy option last season, catching 59 passes for 796 yards and three touchdowns despite his season being cut short by four games due to a suspension.

With a full slate of games, Davis could have crept into the Top 5 among tight ends in terms of total fantasy points. Key to his season will be upping a paltry touchdown total, with the addition of Robert Griffin III hopefully improving the Redskins' red-zone efficiency.

Filling out this year's Top 5, in order, are Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Gates, Jermichael Finley and Jason Witten.

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