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RGIII Has An Overall 83 Rating In Madden NFL 13

For a certain subsection of Americans, August 28 shall this year be known as "Madden Day," when EA Sports' latest edition of the video game franchise is released to the public.

To further whip up excitement, EA released the full ratings for all of the game's quarterbacks. (How'd you like to be Ryan Perrilloux after seeing that list?). Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, who hasn't played even a preseason game yet, has an overall rating of 83. For context, this puts him level with Andy Dalton and Alex Smith, just behind Carson Palmer and Andrew Luck, and just ahead of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Freeman.

For even more context, RGIII's speed rating is 93, the highest of any quarterback on the list (just ahead of Michael Vick), his throw power rating is 95, and his deep accuracy rating is 88. Griffin's lowest score by far comes in Awareness (58, behind Luck, but ahead of Jake Locker and Brandon Weeden and way ahead of Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Mallet).

So, now we know how RGIII would perform in virtual reality. Finding out the real thing begins in six days.