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The Kentwan Balmer Disappearance Gets More And More Unsettling

At this point, it's essentially a fait accompli that the Redskins will open up a roster spot by declaring defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer "not in camp," essentially washing their hands of him. At this point, Balmer has not been seen or heard from for nearly a week. Each day, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has reiterated that he has not heard from Balmer, and his agent, Tony Fleming, has not offered any comment.

Then there's this unsettling piece of news from Zac Boyer of the Free Lance-Star


It seems pretty clear that Balmer has pulled a Dave Chappelle on everybody. We just want to re-state our previous hope that it stays a Dave Chappelle situation and doesn't turn into a Bison Dele situation.