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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Washington Redskins Fall In Power Rankings

The Washington Redskins have moved down in the Power Rankings.


The Washington Redskins fell in the majority of power rankings this week following a 31-28 loss to the St. Louis Rams in Week 2. Generally placed in the middle of the pack, power rankings polls at SB Nation, ESPN and all dropped the team down in some capacity.

With reasons ranging from the injuries to the defense (Brain Orakpo and Adam Carriker are done for the year) to the loss of the game knocking them down a few pegs, the overall consensus is that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III looks like he is a legitimate force in the league.

Here is where each of the sites placed the Redskins in this week's rankings:

SB Nation: No. 17, down one spot from last week.

ESPN: No. 20, down five spots from last week. No. 17, down two spots from last week.

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